Mortgage Calculators


How Much Can You Afford?
Before you buy, see how much mortgage you can afford with this calculator. 

Saving for a Down Payment?
Calculate how long it will take to save for a down payment.
Payment Table
A handy one page reference on mortgage payments to take home shopping. 

Rent vs Own Analysis
Mortgage Calculator to compare renting with buying.  

Down Payments
Compare Down Payments and the effect on monthly payments.
PMI or Piggyback Loan Calculator
Which is better - paying PMI, buying out the PMI with a higher rate, or an 80/10/10 loan?

new How much more equity will I earn with a 15 year mortgage?
You chose the time period, and see how much closer you are to paying off your home with a 15 year mortgage vs a 30 year term. 

How Much Home Will My Rent Payment Buy?
Enter your rent payment, and we'll tell you how big of a loan you can afford with that monthly payment.
PMI Calculator
How much will I pay in PMI if I put less than 20% down?

Income Required
How much do you need to make to afford my house?

Investment/Rental Property
What does buying an investment property mean for cash flow and net worth?
Payment with Taxes and Insurance
Taxes, insurance add to your payment.  Calculate your total payment here.

Should I Pay Points?
Before you buy, analyze if you should pay points to buy your rate down.

Downloadable Calculator
Do your calculations when logged off the internet.


new Mortgage Checkup Calculator
Forget the old wives tale about a 2% rate drop.  Look at the rate of your first and second mortgage and find out how much lower your blended rate needs to be to refinance.

Amortization Tables
Print out a custom amortization table for your mortgage.
Refinancing Calculator
How much lower will your new payment be at a lower rate?

Interest Only Mortgage Payments
How much would you save monthly by having an interest only mortgage payment?

Should I Consolidate Debt?
How much can I save with a 
Home Equity Loan?
Should I Refinance?
How much can I save by lowering my rate?

Blended Rate Calculator
Calculate the real blended interest rate of a first and second mortgage combo.

Compare Two Loans
Compare two loans over any number of years for monthly savings.
Compare Several Loans
See several loans and their Principal and Interest payments side by side to compare.


How Much Do I need to Add To My Payment to Payoff My Loan Early?
Pick the Length of time you want to pay off your mortgage in, we'll tell you the payment and how much you save by paying off your mortgage early.

Adding Extra to Your Payment?
Enter your loan information and what you are paying each month, we'll tell you how fast you will pay off the loan and how much interest you save.
Calculate Payments
What will your payments be?  Quick and easy calculator to calculate Principal and Interest portion of your payment.

Tax Savings of Mortgages
Mortgages have tax advantages

What is My Balance?
How much do you own on your loan?
Credit Grade
Estimate your credit grade.

Useful calculator for home budgeting. 

Net Worth Calculator
How much are you worth?