Budget Percent Calculator

Here are suggested percentage guidelines based on net income compiled by Dave Ramsey, author of Financial Peace (Viking, 1997, $21.95) which he says are only recommended percentages and will change dramatically if you have a very high or very low income. For instance, if you have a very low income your necessities percentages will be high. If you have a high income, your necessities will be a lower percentage or income and hopefully savings (not debt) will be higher than recommended.


Note: Other than decimal points, do not enter any other non-numeric characters (commas, dollar signs, etc.) in the entry boxes. Doing so will cause a JavaScript error.

Enter your net-income for whichever period of time you would like to translate the percentages into:

Expense Range Low End - High End
Charitable gifts 10-15% -
Saving 5-10% -
Housing 25-35% -
Utilities 5-10% -
Food 5-15% -
Transportation 10-15% -
Clothing 2-7% -
Medical/Health 5-10% -
Personal 5-10% -
Recreation 5-10% -
Debts 5-10% -

Please allow for slight rounding differences.