Mortgage Decisions Information

Section One - Benefits of Ownership

The first decision, is the decision to buy! Learn some of the benefits of home ownership here.


Section Two - Renting Vs Buying

Consider the benefits of buying vs renting.


Section Three - Reasons to Refinance

There are many reasons to refinance. Not everyone will refinance for the same reason. Learn some of the reasons you might want to consider refinancing your Mortgage Debt.


Section Four - Refinance Considerations

Some things to consider before you refinance.


Section Five - Should You Escrow Your Taxes and Insurance?

Reasons to Escrow your taxes and insurance as part of your payment.


Section Six - Asking The Seller To Pay Your Closing Costs.

Did you know the seller can pay some of your closing costs?


Section Seven - When Should You Close?

There are advantages to closing at the end of the month when you buy a home. Find out why in this section.


Section Eight - Should You Pay Points To Buy Down Your Rate?

Find out if you should pay points to buy down your rate.