Refinancing - Now's the Time!


Refinancing is an easy and convenient way to improve your home loans terms and save money on a monthly basis.


  • Need lower monthly payments?
  • Extra Cash?
  • To get away from an adjustable rate that's adjusting UP?
  • To drop PMI?
  • Or reduce your Mortgage Term to 15 years and save a ton on interest payments?


When you refinance, there is very little money out of pocket, unlike when you buy the home. The closing costs are rolled into the loan amount.


You may also skip 1 or more payments as the loan is closed (as it's added on to the end of the term). This can be a big help to your financial situation.


By eliminating PMI, or consolidating non-tax deductible debt into your mortgage, your savings can be substantial. It costs nothing to find out what you can qualify for.


We will look at dropping your term to 15 years to save you money over the life of the loan, a rate and term refinance to lower your payment, a cash out refinance to consolidate your debt, or, a Home Equity Line of Credit if that's the best option for you.


Let one of our experienced, licensed, mortgage loan specialists help you today.


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