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Let the Remodel Begin!

Jesse reaches his goals with the help of his refinance

The journey comes to an end as Jesse’s refinance becomes a remodel reality!

Not So Difficult After All

Step 4: File Paperwork

With the help of a Goodmortgage Loan Originator, Jesse was able to determine that a Texas A6 would be the best option for his family’s situation. Mortgage can seem so confusing, but with an expert Loan Originator and thorough lender like Goodmortgage, all the parts of Jesse’s refi fell right into place.

“I went to a loan officer, Steven Starr (NMLS ID 621029), and he sent me the link to get documents submitted,” Jesse said. “I did the application, submitted the documents the processor needed, and sat back and waited. Then I got the clear to close document that said, ‘hey here’s the final disclosures sign all this and we’re ready to go.’ It was pretty easy on my end.”

With a paperwork process as easy as that, Jesse was able to relax instead of worrying over the refinance process.

New Home, New You

Step 5: Reach Your Goal

Now that the funding has kicked in, the projects begin. First on the list? Replace that old A/C unit! Then contact some designers to help his wife design the kitchen and bathroom to sell. Strategic designing and improvements will be made so that the home value increases. The journey winds to an end and Jesse’s family can update their home and reach their, all with the help of their Goodmortgage refinance.

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