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How Jesse Chose a Mortgage Lender

Jesse’s Journey Continues

Jesse’s family has made their decision, it’s time to move forward with their refinance. If you aren’t caught up on Jesse’s Journey, you can read about his family’s situation here.  So what do they do now?

Where are we?

Step 2: Evaluate Your Position

Before looking into their mortgage options, Jesse and his wife took a good look at their situation. They looked at their credit score and personal finances. They researched the value of their home in the current market and saw how things had changed since they moved in 16 years prior. A lot has changed – 16 years ago iPhones didn’t even exist, so the housing market has certainly changed over the years. Between their work and family life, they found the time to evaluate their position in the market. They took that information and went into the market knowledgeable as ever. It was time to go shopping!

Window Shopping

Step 3: Shop for a Mortgage

There’s a lot of mortgage lenders out there, but it’s easy to find reviews and information online. Within a few minutes you can submit your information you just gathered and get free rate quotes from different lenders. That’s just what Jesse did, he submitted his application and waited for a mortgage professional to call him. After he got off the phone with his loan originator, he was confident that he had talked to the man who would be helping his family make this refinance a reality. After reviewing all their options Jesse and his wife decided that they would be getting a Texas A6 Refinance loan from They locked their rate in place and started gathering their documents for the last step. It was all smooth sailing from here.

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