Halloween Home Makeover: Treats Edition

It’s time to bring out the pumpkins, put on your costume and transform your home into a haunted mansion…but first, food! Here are some fun treats for the spooky season.

Mummy-Dogs are a quick and easy way to turn an everyday snack into a Halloween treat. All you need are hot dogs, crescent roll dough, and eyeball shaped sprinkles. Use a pizza cutter to slice your dough into thin strips and wrap around the hot dog. Bake on a baking sheet according to dough package instructions and add eyes after baking.  Bonus tip: add ketchup to look like blood for an extra scary touch!

These are great to have around the house for guests or to hand out to trick-or-treaters. They’re so simple to make! All you need is lollipops, tissues, ribbon, and a black marker. Just place the tissue over the lollipops and tie the ribbon at the bottom. Add a couple of eyes with the marker and you’re all set to serve your scary sweets!

These Jack-o-lantern snacks are also a way to add some fright to the kitchen!  Use a small knife to carve out a face in the front of bell peppers.  Scoop out the ribs and seeds and fill your them with your favorite snacks like veggies or grains!

One of the most exciting parts about owning a home is getting to decorate for the holidays. These are just a few ways to get your home festive for Halloween.

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