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Simple Tricks to Upgrade Your Home

The start of the new year is a time to press restart and get ready to take on the year. Start with your home. Put your focus in reorganizing, redecorating, and renovating. Here are a few simple and low-cost upgrades you can do to give your home that new year’s boost!

  1. Rugs

New rugs can shift the whole look and feel of a room! Try adding a large rug if you don’t already have one in your living room or bedroom. Even more cost friendly, try adding a smaller runner in the kitchen!  Switching from a short to long shag rug, or from solid to patterned can help to transform your home, and there are so many affordable rug options available online.

  • Throw Pillows

To add a pop of color to your bedroom, try picking up some new throw pillows. Pairing a couple of neutral toned pillows with one colorful pillow can help to freshen up your room. You can mix patterns and colors to get just the right look for your style.

  • Flowers

Another great way to literally liven up your home is to add some fresh flowers. Having live plants at home can bring a sense of happiness and life, plus you can choose flowers that complement the color scheme in your house. 

  • Light fixtures

One overlooked way to upgrade your home is to swap out some of the original lighting fixtures.  There are a ton of discount lighting stores online where you can find lamps, sconces and chandeliers that fit your style.

Making your home look and feel like yours doesn’t have to be expensive. Make some little changes to refresh today! If you’re looking to make a bigger upgrade like purchasing a new hoem or refinancing your current mortgage, reach out to us today to get a rate quote at